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Welcome to Rabid Reaction Force![edit]

MiraHeze wikis all have a stated 'Topic', 'Scope', and 'Purpose'. On creation, ours were:

  • Topic: Civic libertarianism
  • Scope: Educational resources, especially civic education; enlightenment liberalism (Hume, Smith, Mill); contemporary libertarianism (Popper, Hayek, Nozick); discussion of these; civic activism
  • Purpose: Gather resources (links, some documents); stimulate discussion and constructive debate

Zackary Palmer (aka DarkMatterMan4500) approved us a couple of hours after we requested a wiki: pretty zippy. He wrote:

"Request approved. Pretty good. Purpose and description are a bit vague, but there is nonetheless a clear enough purpose, scope, and/or topic here. Please be advised this approval does not preclude other wikis from being approved and created that share this topic, provided they aren't 95-100% content forks of your wiki. Please ensure your wiki complies with all aspects of Content Policy at all times."

With hindsight I can sort of see what he meant by our purpose being "a bit vague," but in the context of the stated topic and scope I was envisaging:

  • Lots (eventually) of links to other sites with relevant content and useful resources
  • Healthy discussion and debate about the content and worth of those resources

So that's why we're here, kids. And this is, fittingly, an open wiki - so jump in and contribute (or just browse around) exactly as you see fit. Talk soon, -J CptRabid (talk) 17:11, 26 July 2021 (UTC)

For the user(s) of this wiki[edit]

Hello, and welcome to Rabid Reaction Force! You can immediately start editing this wiki, whenever you want. Or you can read it first. Just saying.

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For the bureaucrat(s) of this wiki[edit]

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