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Friday 19th May[edit]
 Ye Gods, it's been a month.  Actually, I haven't been on PalTalk much until this last week, because a collaboration went 'fertile' for most of the preceding four.  It's probably over for now, but the postcard that needed least editing at the end of it was this one:-
  Reciprocity is the key to every relationship.
  We've played this before, once or twice, but we both know, I think, that tonight will be special.  If it works.  It should work: we've gone over the rules again, and we're both... ready.
  Most of the rules apply to her; I am to use my judgement, mostly.  She is to guide me, occasionally, with hints and suggestions here and there.
  She will choose one garment: a long button-down shirt or blouse, or long T-shirt, or even a plain nightshirt (ideally not, but I'll live with it).  She will be naked underneath.
  I will write, and when she is satisfied with what I have written, she will answer with a photograph, after which I will write more.
  Nothing that I write will be X-rated, and none of her photographs will even be R-rated.  She won't pose, or pout, either: she'll just be herself: the woman I have come to love.
  Less is more sometimes, right?
  She doesn't seem, quite yet, to understand how little she has to do to kindle a fire in me, that the mere hint of a smile at the edge of her mouth is usually enough to firm and slightly quicken my pulse, to send a brief tremor through my hands and fingers, and even to induce a gentle but perceptible thickening.
  But she is learning.
Wednesday 19th April[edit]
 So much has happened in the last week that I don't know where to begin.  Instead, I've drafted my next 'postcard', viz:-
   "I would like a rule."  A light hand, not irked: good.
   "About the bed."
   "Can you guess what it is?"
   "I'm guessing it has something to do with me making it."  The irony being: that's exactly what I was doing when she came in.  I don't say this, though: it's obvious.
   "That would be a request, not a rule."
   "It's kind of the opposite, almost.  You can make it, sure - but you can't change the bedding."  She means the duvet.  We both love the duvet, and with good reason: there's almost no limit to the amount of fun to be had with a decent duvet, we have learned.
   "I like how your smell builds up."
   MY smell?  I swerve to avoid a madeleine-moment: the indescribable privilege of inhaling her headily intense femaleness, seeming to exude from every pore of her inflamed body; this almost overwhelms me.  But: MY smell?
   I can't think.  So, simply: "MY smell?"
   "Your smell, mister," she says, grasping me fully for the first time, smooth-running her hands up my arms and over my shoulders and round my neck, drawing herself up against me, stretching up as if to plant a kiss and, unexpectedly, licking my nose instead before tilting her head back and offering me the trace of a crooked smile.  She winks, eyes at sparkle.
   "Your smell," she repeats.  And then she does kiss me.
Wednesday 12th April[edit]
 Angelikka came in to vent earlier: “I just got called a nut-job by a whore named Bianca.  She will probably come here next and score a fucking hat.  Half the people [with] hats are enemies of the truth. Room owners let the disruptors prosper.  When the shit hits the fan and mega die [millions die?] they will feel sorry.”  I had a podcast on so I missed AwfulRuse’s reply on the mic, but it prompted her immediately to inveigh against a un-named “big, ugly troll.  I can’t stand him.  He follows me around rooms too.  So many p[a]edo[e]s knights!!!!  FFS, it is the ‘it’ people’s agenda: that of the Andromedans - neither male or female.  [An] anti-life agenda waged by those of dead man’s land.”  Relenting slightly, she allowed “But he was made evil at the point of a gun.  He had to show loyalty.  [Ron] Desantis is [a] Jesuit groomed one.  Blackmail material.  That’s how they have controlled politics - the swamp.  Insanity reigns.  The crazies are in high chairs, and we that expose them get called crazy. At least we is (sic) not wimps, sitting quiet[ly].  We make p[a]edo[e]s sick lol.”  Becoming momentarily philosophical, Angelikka mused that “When Evil is not Exposed, it grows in Magnitude” before giving an example: “They tried that with me.  I beat them with scriptures.  They wouldn’t let me sleep.  The Number 1 asset Scum Bag elites have is the Adrenalized Blood ‘youth elixir’ of elites, [the] blood of tortured children.  If people don’t wake up en mass[e] the children of the world will suffer,” she warned.  Plainly anxious now, his OffalNess pleaded, “DID YOU GET THE VIDEOS?”  Let’s hope not, aye?
Tuesday 4th April 2023[edit]
 We had a great weekend in Mix's P&P** room; it was like one of those three-night parties that waxes and wanes and jumps right up off the floor just when you thought it was finally winding down.  I had a riot, laughed my head off at times, and invented a new game, viz:-
 ⟨⟨ **Power and Politics - a PalTalk chatroom run by TheMixGirl (aka TheMix, aka Mix). ⟩⟩
   Forget SnapChat, folks; ChatSnap is PalTalk Solitaire.  Now, just imagine the scene.  You’re sitting at a bar, low on cash but long on luck because the guy next to you seems just delighted to buy endless drinks for anyone who’ll listen to his lunatic conspiracy theories.  If you keep him talking, the drinks keep coming!  What could be simpler?!?
   The trick is to convince him you’re paying attention.  For example, suppose he mentions the ‘Illuminati’ while he’s condemning the fourth Vatican council.  You figure he’s bound to mention them again later, so you SETUP ‘Illuminati’ by saying “The Illuminati, huh?”  When he returns to the subject a little later, you SPOT it by saying “Illuminati, right.”  Now, as you might have guessed, the third time’s the charm.  Get this:  When he invokes the Illuminati yet again, later, having dropped the subject in the meantime, you get to SCORE Illuminati by saying “Illuminati: right, right.”  And the stupid fucker buys you another drink.
   After each SCORE you have to wait for it to come around again.  Then you can RESET Illuminati by saying “The Illuminati again, huh?”  After that, you can SPOT it and SCORE it another time before you RESET it again for yet another go.  And the best news?  There’s no limit to how many different concepts and phrases you can play at the same time, just as long as you can keep track of them all in your head.  (Hint: when you’ve completely lost track of all of them, it’s time to call a cab.)
Thursday 30th March 2023[edit]
 Last night was very busy in the Power-and-Politics chatroom, a welcome change from Tuesday night's moribund nothingburger of a conversation.  Less happily, an absolutely inordinate amount of time was wasted discussing the dreaded 'N'-word, during which the word itself was spoken more times than I have ever heard since 'Fear of a Black Planet' came out.  This became the cause of much rancour and exposed a very unpleasant and vindictive side of one room administrator, 'RealityIsHidden', whom Mix unaccountably chose that very night to elevate to the designation of 'super admin', one having the power to demote other users.  Perhaps 'RiH' was having an unusually bad day, but this seemingly bizarre decision made me rather doubt Mix's own character judgement although, naturally, as a relative newcomer I shall certainly withhold mine own for the time being.
 Then and later, I found myself repeatedly having to take sides to defend another admin, a Ms Jettie Timbs, who took a great deal of flak from several others including RiH and a couple of rather absurd White Nationalists (Supremacists?) called 'Eleven Four' and 'P229', one of whom (for representative example) unapologetically referred to Western Civilisation as "the White West," ridiculously.  In something of a first - at least, in recent years - 11-4 also accused me of being a "Leftist" which, of course, I had a bloody good laugh about; I'm not exactly famous for espousing politico-economic views more radical than those of (say) Tony Blair, after all.  But I suppose to a conservative all radicals are leftists just as, as the Persians have it, "At night all cats are grey."
 I have written no erotica for a week, so I've decided to try warming-up by writing about writing about it.  Something that amuses me slightly about myself is my attitude to breasts: simply put, I seem to be a lot keener on the word than the object(s).  For the word, I just adore that delicious T'SS-T'SS double plosive-sibilant at the end: even in the singular the sound is pleasing to the ear; in the plural it's irresistible.  But, for breasts themselves, for a start I invariably feel pity rather than attraction for ladies obliged by nature to navigate the world with a substantial bosom; such as it matters to me at all, my ideal partner fills a B-cup at most.
 Nevertheless, it's true that I am anything but indifferent to naked breasts; however, my attitude is completely different depending on whether the lady is fully nude (which I would tend to interpret sexually) or merely topless, which for me is a gesture of freedom rather than desire.  Compelling ladies to tether-up on sunny beaches for example - as the Americans tend to do - seems just bizarre, and I've been on dancefloors where the sheer heat more-or-less forces both sexes to strip down from the waist up, as it were. Nobody, or nobody worth bothering with, pays the least attention to bouncing breasts in such circumstances: hard dancing is hard work - which is just as it should be.
 The sexual breast also gestures freedom: it retains the sense of "I am this way because I'm free to be so;" implicitly: I'm safe to be so.  The sexual breast is the breast that trusts, rather than invites; nudity invites, in that sense.  This, indeed, is why I so much deplore the present fashion for ladies entirely to shave their pubises; why on God's earth deprive yourself of the strongest visuo-sexual signal in the female armoury, girls?  (In contrast, by all means trim back your vulva; no-one loves picking hairs out of their teeth - which tends to ruin the moment, too.)
 And, finally - to complete the survey - it is the post-sexual breast that is the tactile (rather than the visual) breast: the sated male lovingly cups a satisfied partner's soft hemisphere with his gentle hand in the sublime tenderness of afterglow - which is also just as it should be.
Tuesday 28th March 2023[edit]
 First, the boring bit:-
 I dug out my Samson mic yesterday and got it working just enough to record an iPad voice memo, albeit via the headphone monitor circuit rather than the USB output; capturing the latter digitally probably involves learning more about Linux kernels than I'd ever wish to know, and it would almost certainly be quicker to stay with analogue and solder something together - which may yet happen later this week.  Alternatives include getting PalTalk itself working on Linux, presumably inside PaleMoon, or revisiting my MotoG8 to see if PalTalk will run within a browser on that.
 Enough.  Second, and more interestingly:-
 Building on my success yesterday, today I played a few seconds from a fifteen minute YouTube clip through a speaker set close to the Samson mic, recording it to check the quality (which seemed fine).  I then played the entire clip to 'President Jacob', a Power-and-Politics regular, who recognised it as Mark Levin - Levin was reading his monologue from his Sunday show on Fox News two days ago; I picked it out because his focus was China.  So it seems I can broadcast speech-clips intelligibly to PalTalk rooms, which should be very useful if I stick with the platform.
 For the record, the Mark Levin clip was <>, also available at <>
Sunday 26th March 2023[edit]
 In the penultimate week of March 2023 I found an interesting PalTalk chatroom called 'Power and Politics' owned by a mid-thirties Houston lady, 'TheMixGirl', who's been using PalTalk for three years - so almost exactly three years more than me; I'd only joined it a week earlier.
 Newbie that I was (and am), I must have done something right because she 'hatted' me the next day, making me a full member of the group running the room.  I can only assume this was because I was clearly engaging in good faith, as usual.  (How else can I save the West?)
 Nevertheless, we hit a couple of roadblocks right away: apparently I'll need to have a microphone (ie headset, presumably) in order to contribute/assist properly and fully in the room. My initial keen-ness to help therefore suffered a setback when I discovered that the PalTalk app isn't available on my (recently inherited) MotoG8.
 The second hitch is that I don't really know what Ms Mix's ambitions and plans for the room are.  Accordingly, I'm gonna have to think of a way of quizzing her about this without making a pain in the ass of myself because I've little doubt that she's equally as busy a little bee as the rest of us are these days.
 The mic issue is on my MADE** list so I should either resolve that this week or have ordered a gadget that will on Amazon by the end of it.  The goal issue can wait until I've figured out how to accumulate intellectual capital on/by PalTalk, probably via the RRF*** wiki, which is the obvious place to set-up a project page.
 ⟨⟨ **Make A Daily Effort; ***Jen Seitz's 'Rabid Reaction Force' at <>. ⟩⟩

Addenda et cetera[edit]


* NYCS aka "the demented cementhead"'s legendary meltdown: <> (soundtrack)
* 'On the Metaphysics of Sexual Love'** by Arthur Schopenhauer: (printable version)
⟨⟨ **About four decades before Darwin went to press with 'Origin of Species', the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer wrote a short essay, 'On the Metaphysics of Sexual Love', published as an appendix to one or other volume of his magnum opus, 'The World as Will and Idea' (aka 'The World as Will and Representation'). ⟩⟩


For R U CALM NOW:[edit]
I'm getting your IMs just fine but I'm not in your 'pal' list yet so I can't reply; fix this please?


H.L.Mencken and J.S.Mill[edit]
 “The worst government is the most moral. One composed of cynics is
 often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top, there is
 no limit to oppression.” -H.L.Mencken
 “The most erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public
 education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and
 awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the
 duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner.
 Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim of public education
 is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many
 individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a
 standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is
 its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians,
 pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere
 else.” -H.L.Mencken
 J.S.Mill (On Liberty, 1859): "A government cannot have too much of the
 kind of activity which does not impede, but aids and stimulates,
 individual exertion and development. The mischief begins when, instead
 of calling forth the activity and powers of individuals and bodies, it
 substitutes its own activity for theirs; when, instead of informing,
 advising, and, upon occasion, denouncing, it makes them work in fetters,
 or bids them stand aside and does their work instead of them. The worth
 of a State, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing
 it; and a State which postpones the interests of *their* mental expansion
 and elevation, to a little more of administrative skill, or of that
 semblance of it which practice gives, in the details of business; a
 State which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile
 instruments in its hands even for beneficial purposes, will find that
 with small men no great thing can really be accomplished; and that the
 perfection of machinery to which it has sacrificed everything, will in
 the end avail it nothing, for want of the vital power which, in order
 that the machine might work more smoothly, it has preferred to banish."
 Ye cannot divine how sorely prophetic men suffer: ye think only that a
 fine "gift" has been given to them, and would fain have it
 yourselves,— but I will express my meaning by a simile. How much may
 not the animals suffer from the electricity of the atmosphere and the
 clouds! Some of them, as we see, have a prophetic faculty with regard
 to the weather, for example, apes (as one can observe very well even
 in Europe,—and not only in menageries, but at Gibraltar).
 But it never occurs to us that it is their sufferings, that are their
 prophets! When strong positive electricity, under the influence of an
 approaching cloud not at all visible, is suddenly converted into
 negative electricity, and an alteration of the weather is imminent,
 these animals then behave as if an enemy were approaching them, and
 prepare for defence, or flight: they generally hide themselves,—they
 do not think of the bad weather as weather, but as an enemy whose hand
 they already feel!
Vaclav Havel (on Eastern Europe before 1989)[edit]
 "The essential aims of life are present naturally in every person. In
 everyone there is some longing for humanity's rightful dignity, for
 moral integrity, for free expression of being, and for a sense of
 transcendence over the world of existences.”
 “Yet, at the same time, each person is capable, to a greater or lesser
 degree, of coming to terms with living within the lie. Each person
 somehow succumbs to a profane trivialization of his or her inherent
 humanity and to utilitarianism.”
 ”In everyone there is some willingness to merge with the anonymous
 crowd and to flow comfortably along with it down the river of
 pseudo-life. This is much more than a simple conflict between two
 identities. It is something far worse. It is a challenge to the very
 notion of identity itself."
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr[edit]
 "It's not only rights that we are seeking. We not only have the right
 to be free, we have a duty to be free. And when you see freedom
 in sense of duty, it becomes greater than seeing it in terms of
 right, your right to be free. You have a duty to be free."