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"Don't Die of Impotence" is the official slogan of PARCA's 'Parity Plus' campaign[edit]

The slogan plays on a famous 1980s anti-AIDS campaign slogan in the UK: "Don't Die of Ignorance." Because of this, 'impotence' might very easily be misconstrued, but it actually means 'powerlessness'. The power in question is the ability to influence local decision-making in Scotland generally; the slogan's inventor was apparently motivated by "the deeply troubling household survey finding that the proportion of their number who felt that they could influence decisions in their local area decreased significantly from an unimpressive 24% of adults in 2015 to a mere 18% in 2019 - or, to put it another way, on average each group of eleven Scottish adults would break nine-two, which is truly pathetic" (source: <Wed-Head XXXIV>), coupled with his insistence that "our suicide rate here [in Highland] is high even by Scottish standards where, sadly, the picture is bad enough already (and that's just the tip of an iceberg of mental health problems we suffer from - just ask your GP). Empowered people don't take their own lives" (source: <Wed-Head XXXI>).

Because the DDoI slogan addressed individuals, a complementary slogan addressing institutions, "Bleak Lives Matter," was devised in late 2022.