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Betsy DeVos, Thomas Sowell, Checker Finn and others on education reform in the US.

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'Conversations with Bill Kristol'

'Hoover Inst' = Hoover Virtual Policy Briefing / Uncommon Knowledge

'American Thought Leaders'

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( — Chester Finn: in search of a Sputnik moment — )

'Conversations with Bill Kristol'

( =YT Chester Finn by Bill Kristol (April 18, 2020) "A veteran education policymaker and scholar discusses reforms to the American education system" )

29:28 'ed' schools teaching reading

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Four decades of reform republicans: Reagan, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels democrats: Clinton/Gore, Obama (w/ Arne Duncan), 'Dems for Ed Reform' Charter schools Mississippi 1991 - now 6-7% 10:51 "Bad to worse" (Dems then Reps) 14:15 (to 16:15) "Accountability is dead" 18:00 Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans 38:47 Spillover effects ORG "Democrats for Education Reform", also +ve: Clinton/Gore and Obama (race to the top)

*** Kevin Chavous (American Thought Leaders) ***

(invokes Jefferson) 1:13 "Stagnation at best" 3:18 "Acceptance of mediocrity" 8:40 "The number of kids we're losing" 14:18 "We can educate your kids too!" 18:53 Lindsay (between Bakersfield and Fresno) 23:32 "For the world of tomorrow, it has to look different" 29:10 "Putting kids first isn't a slogan, it's a state of being" / "What they did was pure action" 33:12 "Our very survival"

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"This really is a system in crisis" A Nation At Risk (1983) "A $700bn [p.a.] enterprise" 6:13 "It's hard to find an issue where you have such broad support" "Rural republicans are a work in progress" "Sector agnostic" (eg Sweden: money follows the child) 18:00 Three kinds: voucher; scholarship; educational saving a/c 24:08 "I've met a lot of the families" 33:55 "The civil rights issue of this century"